Saturday, 17 February 2018

5 cool inventions by Xiaomi that you never heard about

Xiaomi is one of the biggest and fastest growing brand in the whole country. We all have witnessed very good smartphones by Xiaomi at a very low price. But it just not manufacture smartphones. Only a very few know that Xiaomi also manufacture other gadgets also. Many people may have heard about the Xiaomi's other brand also like Xiaomi's power bank, hand band and the one most talked Xiaomi's smart shoes. However, there are many other products that the Chinese giant manufacture and you have no idea about that. In this blog I will tell you about 5 cool gadgets from Xiaomi that you don't know about.

1. Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer

Thermometer is one of the most important and most common device that doctor uses to check the temperature of our body. But we all hate it as the thermometer doctor put in our mouth has been used by so many people that is very unhygienic. Xiaomi find out a way to this problem and developed a thermometer that tells your body temperature by just touching your body. The Xiaomi thermometer is very simple to use, you just have to put the thermometer to a person's forehead and press the button on the device. The device also works even you not touch the thermometer to the skin of the person but it is better to touch the skin for accurate results. It gives the result in just 2-3 seconds. It costs around Rs2800

2. Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen

Drinking contaminated water can make us well ill. Even it is one of the major factor responsible for a number of diseases. Even crystal clear water contains a lot of impurities that is harmful for human body. So it is definitely important that the water you drink should be clean. This is what Xiaomi's TDS Pen will help you with. It is just a water tester device that tells you the quality of water. It is very simple to use. Just put the device in the liquid you want to test and press the button on the device. The device will show you the correct TDS value for that liquid. the lesser the value the device show the better the quality of the liquid will be. But if any liquid have a TDS value below 600, then it is appropriate for drinking. The price of this devise is just Rs435.

3. Xiaomi Mask

Mi band and the smart shoes are not the only wearable that Xiaomi made then you are absolutely wrong. The Xiaomi mask is another wearable. Xiaomi mask is very effective in filtering the quality of air. This mask has an filtration efficiency of more than 97 percentage. It block dust from the air also exhausts from car which is very good especially in states having high pollution problems. It is very comfortable to wear. It is light in weight and also very flexible which makes the mask so comfortable. It covers your mouth as well as nose completely. You can use one mask for a maximum of 6 months. This comes up with price tag of Rs1100.

4. Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer

The price of this device is around Rs2400. It is a device that helps you to measure the level of glucose in your body which basically is the blood sugar. It working is similar to other glucometers present in the market. Just put your blood on the strip provided with the glucometer and the connect the glucometer with a smartphone with the iHealth glucometer application and get the value of your blood sugar in just seconds.  The application keeps your past history of glucometer readings so that you can have a check at your blood sugar.

5. Xiaomi Umbrella

It starting price is around Rs2150. It is similar in looks as other umbrellas are. It got a button just like other umbrellas got to open the umbrella. The difference in this umbrella is that you can also close the umbrella automatically with the same button that you use to open the umbrella. This is more like a toy but it definitely is a cool invention.

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