Friday, 16 February 2018

How to get Background Blur Photos (Bokeh Effect) in any Android Device

As you know, technically Dual camera setup in Smartphones is rarely common topic due to which anyone can click Bokeh effect photos (Background Blur Photos). And when they share their pictures on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. others who does not have Dual camera setup get jealous. So, guys don't worry, you are coming at right place. So, follow the steps to see how you can click Bokeh effect pictures.

So, your first step which you have to do is to download an app from Google Play store named " Google Camera". Guys, if you have not found any app in Google Play Store then don't worry you can download this apk from the link provided below.

Google Camera

After downloading this app>just open it and then swipe right and you will see a option named Lens Blur then tap on it. And then when you go to click pictures then your smartphone says to take camera upward a little bit because while doing this, camera will measure the depth of field in background and can provide you Background Blur Photographs. After clicking pictures, it will take a minute in processing the image and then give you the final image.

Tips while clicking the Pictures

  • You have to maintain some distance in camera and the object. If you want to click very close up shots then it will show error.
  • When you take upward your camera to measure the depth of field of background then you have to move your phone slowly upward if you move your phone fast then it will say to retake the shot.
  • In comparision to other camera's, it will take extra time in processing and rendering the photos but you can click other pictures while others pictures will processed and rendered.

Steps for background blur in older photos

If you does not come to know this feature earlier and want background blur in your older photos too. Then, you can do also by just following the steps. First you have to download an app from Google play store and also you can download it from the link below.

After Focus

After installing this app, you don't have to do anything. Just open the app and select the Automatic mode to blur the photos. After selecting the mode, just select your image in which you want to blur your background. (TIP:- select those photos only in which subject and background are of different colours) After this you have to select your object by your fingers and this will automatically blur your image's background. And you can also change the strength of the Blur in the background which is a nice feature.

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