Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Best Android and IOS Games You must play: February 2018

Hello guys, in this post I will tell you about 5 different iOS and Android games that you must definitely try once. No matter what kind of game you like I hope you find something interesting in this post.

1. Go Plane

This is one of the games available on play store that looks very simple but definitely it is the opposite. The gameplay is very simple, you just have to drive a plane by just dragging your finger and protect it from the upcoming missiles. Now you guys must be thinking that this is a very easy game to play but I bet you that you change your mind after playing it as the missiles turns and twist. you will get addicted to this game in a very short period of time as it is hard to master.

2. Sonic Dash

This game will definitely bring back some of your childhood memories. The classic saga game is available on android. You have to dash, jump and spin your way across different environment. You have to make your way under different challenges in the fast endless running game. Be aware as this one also very addictive.

3. Tekken

This is a game for older guys as it is a bit difficult to play. This game first launches on PCs now it is available on android. In this game you have to select your fighter and has to beat your opponent. This game has many parts. If you guys have a good smartphone with a good ram than you should definitely play Tekken 6 through PSPP controller. Final words on the game: easy to control, old, classic, addictive game with a lot of combact actions.

4. Hitman Sniper

This game also launches on PC in its early stages. It is also a big franchise which became quit popular in a short period of time of its release. Now it finally is available for smartphones. It is an excellent little game that puts you in the shoes of contract killer legendary agent 47. This is a paid game but honestly it worth it as it is not expensive. It also includes survival mode that adds more interest to the game.

5. Final Fantasy Brave Exviusgma

This is recently launched a new FF free-to-play RPG game. This is a free game and you can also hack the game and play it like a boss but I suggest you to play it in normal mode. It also includes multiplayer mode. This is big storyline game which will hooked you for hours on your smartphone.

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