Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Comparision Between MIUI and Android One February 2018

Today we are comparing  feature rich MIUI vs Android One.

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing company in the world. It has gained a lot in very short period of time. Xiaomi has a lot of loyal fans but are the fans as loyal to MIUI as they are to the company?
Well the Chinese company has recently posted a poll on twitter asking people to vote between android one and MIUI. In the result of the poll android one has managed to beat MIUI with the majority of the votes. Well after the shocking result of the poll Xiaomi has deleted the poll. After all this we have decided to compare MIUI and android one ourself and find out the answer who is better.

I have used both MIUI and android one so I know about their plus point and also the negative one.

Let me first tell you about their feature difference.
This is the topic where MIUI wins over the android one. Xiaomi rom is famous all the world for its extensive feature list. It also includes features which android still natively lacks. There are a lot of features in MIUI. I will tell you about some of my favourite features. First one is the built-in app locker, it works pretty well as it is built-in natively. It is just awesome and easy to use. The other feature which I like the most is the built-in screen recorder which also works really well. There are also a lot of handy features like the ability to uninstall multiple apps, lap support, one handed mode, theme store and there are also a lot of customization options. Where as on the other hand android one comes up with the features that google launched with the latest android version which are also very good but MIUI has lot more awesome features than android one.

Now let's compare the Performance.
After using both android one and MIUI, I give my vote to android one over MIUI as android one give far better performance than MIUI specially when it comes to the price of the smartphone. MIUI is also has a buttery smooth performance on phones like MI Mix and MI Mix 2, but these are powerful phones which comes at a price. And on other Xiaomi MIUI phones, like the Redmi note 4, the performance is not so good. But we can definitely say that the performance of MIUI is batter than Samsung devices but not better than android one. Ram management is the major drawback of MIUI. It automatically quits app in the background . Another major drawback of MIUI is with push notifications, it gives notification for almost every app you install on the device.

Now take a look at some other factors.
MIUI lacks the app draw which is a major drawback in it. MIUI can never match the look and smoothness that you got in any stock android phone. MIUI brings a lot of updates in short period of times but if we see these updates are not so much updated. As you can see in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 got MIUI 9 update which has same features as you got in android marshmallow. Even latest phone Redmi Note 5 comes with Android Nougat whereas in 2018 Android P (Pie) is about to launch.

In my opinion, I like to go for android one rather than more featured MIUI as Android One gives you stability and a better performance which matters at the end.

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