Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to play Youtube App in background in Android and IOS

As you all know YouTube is one of the biggest platform for music and videos. There is hardly someone who does not use YouTube. It is also one of the biggest platform to showcase your talent to the world. But we all know there is an issue in using YouTube while listening to songs, that it can not play music in the background. Well we all want to run the app in background and listen to our songs at the same time. I have two tricks by which you can listen to your songs in YouTube even when in background in android as well in iOS.

1. Through Google Chrome 
When you play a video on YouTube in Google chrome and then minimize Google chrome on your phone then obviously the video on YouTube will stop itself. To play YouTube in background open YouTube in Google chrome and then go on options at the top right corner of the screen and then click on "Request Desktop Site". Now play your favourite song or video and minimize Google chrome. Your song will keep playing in the background and if it stops then pull your notification bar you will see play button of YouTube there just click it and enjoy your music in YouTube in the background.

2. By downloading external application
To play your favourite music in YouTube in background just download two applications from play store or app store, microG YouTube and OG youtube. After downloading these two applications just open OGyoutube in your phone. It is similar to YouTube just having one extra background feature. Play your favourite video and then press the background button. That's it, your app will get minimized without stopping your song and you can do your other work.

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