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How to protect any Android smartphone 2018

Every year news come from all over the world about ransomware attacks, privacy breaches and data leak. It become a task to keep your data, profile or other important thing on your laptop, computer on smartphone secure from malware attack or from hackers who can leak your data very easily if you are not aware about it. You all might be thinking now that how secure is your Android device is? In this blog I will tell you how you can tighten the security of your smartphone and keep your device free from malware and secure your data and your privacy on your Android device.

Secure Android device against malware/Ransomware
Let me first tell you about how you can protect your android device from malware or ransomware attacks. Google itself provide a lot of security features which you can use to protect your android device from malware or ransomware attacks. Google play protect is one of the features that helps you in that. You will get Google play protect in all Android devices running Google play services version 11 or above. This feature is available in the settings of your Android smartphone. Jut go to settings then Google and then open security. It can check all the applications in your phone to make sure that they are free of security threats. To increase the security of your phone just enable the improve harmful app detection feature. This will let the Google play protect to scan the applications from unknown source that are installed from sources other than Google play store.

 The best way to protect any device from malware or other security threats is by common sense. Never open any suspicious links from any websites and don't open suspicious emails. And also don't download applications or other things from untrusted sources, and if you download things from untrusted sources then make sure to scan them immediately to check malware or any other security threats. Also make sure to update all the applications on your device. The updated versions might feature a security patch to fight against latest ransomware or malware threats.

Secure your data

Securing your personal data is as important as to secure your Android device against malware threats. If you think that your are just a casual user and you don't have any important data on your device, then my friend you are wrong. You do have important data on your device too. Android offers some very good features to secure your data. The very first is encrypting the device. High end devices and Google devices are encrypted out of the box but all the devices are not encrypted by their own. To encrypt your device just open settings and open security and tap on encrypt phone option. This encrypt your account settings, app data, downloaded applications, media and other files. After encrypting your device and setting a pin or pass code your device will be decrypted only after entering the pin or pass code that you set earlier. If you think how it is different from your usual pin, pass code or pattern? Well it definitely is different. The data on your Android device can be accessed by various tools even you have set up a screen lock that you don't know about. But if you have encrypted your device, your data can be accessed only after entering the right pin or passcode. Keep one thing in mind that encrypting your device can make your phone just a bit slow and you can only disable encryption only by doing factory data reset. Also make sure to store your important data on the internal storage of the device because external cards uses a mix of exe and pad file system. This means that anyone can success your data from your external card by connecting it to a PC as the applications on PC have block level access to the files on an external storage card. PC applications have no right on your internal storage so your important data will be secure there. You can also do one more thing. You can use the adoptable storage feature in your Android device that lets you add external storage card as a part of its internal storage. It will encrypt your external card and make it more secure.

Secure your Privacy

Securing your device against malware and securing your data is very important. Well securing your privacy is also very important. The very first and simple step towards it  is just by locking your phone properly. If your device offer you finger print scanner that will be very good otherwise you could use the pattern screen lock as it is the most secure one from the others available and also you can make the pattern invisible. You can also disable the smart lock on your device as it unlocks your device automatically in some situations and your data will no longer be safe. Always create a separate user account and switch to that account before handing your phone to someone lese without worrying about your privacy. Also enable 2-step verification in all your account on your device so that can always have control of your account this will reduce the chances of your account being hacked. You can also take help by downloading some other application from play store like Google authenticator. Also visit Google security checkup page to keep a check of all your accounts that are logged in your device. You can also make changes to the permissions of different application from this page.

Stay secure through third party Apps

You can use third party applications to secure your device even further. If you are now thinking I m talking about anti-virus apps than you are definitely wrong. The very first is the privacy guard app. This apps lets you make sure that nobody will peep through your security lock or pattern. You can also adjust shades from this device so that you can easily hide your chat or other private data from all lookers. You can also use VPN applications like tunnel bear which make sure that your data is secure when you are using your device on a public Wi-Fi network. If you loose your phone a lot then you can use an anti-theft application like Cerberus, it brings a ton of features. It can let you wipe your data on your lost mobile phone from another device. You can also check the location and network information of your lost mobile phone. You can also use app lock applications to protect your data and also you can hide some of your very important files on your device.

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