Thursday, 15 February 2018

What is Artificial Intelligence? And Top AI features in honor View 10

From the last one year, you must have heard about AI (Artificial Intelligence) features in smartphone. Do you know about AI features and how it works? From this blog, I will answer all your questions about what AI features are and how it works in your smartphone. And also I will tell you about top AI features of  Honor view 10.

What is AI and how it works?
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. When a man made machine and software do a work together by their own thinking ability, like our brain and body do, then it stands for Artificial Intelligence. Siri and Google assistance are some of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence. They both can recognize voices of person and also can do works by just listening to commands. Today many companies are taking AI feature to the next level such as in making driverless car, smart homes, video games, security surveillance cameras and the newest and finest in this market Sophia Robot which works all it's work through Artificial Intelligence. Similarly this way, the AI features of smartphones work.

Top AI features of Honor view 10 

1.  Face Unlock
You must be thinking how it an AI feature? Well the company has put AI feature in it's face techno mission mode due to which it can recognize your face in any light condition and you don't have to press the power button to unlock your phone through face unlock mode. The best thing about it's face unlock is that it will not unlock your phone when your eyes are closed.

2. Intelligent screen on mode
When you are looking at your phones screen it will not turn off until you stop looking at it. This is one of the best AI feature of Honor view 10. The screen will not turn off itself when you are looking at its screen. Even you set a screen time out and you are looking at it's screen then it will not turn off. When you look away from the screen this the screen will turn off according to your screen time out settings.

3. Augmented Reality background
This feature helps you to change your background while taking photos from the front camera. Just open the camera then go to AR live and then tap on to AR option and you will get a lot options for your background for your photo, just choose any one and change your background easily. Although it's cutting is not so clean but when you stand in front of a clear background and then use this feature then it definitely will  give you a fine photo. Company has also put AI feature in it's rear camera. When you put a object in front of it's rear camera then it will detect what the object is and gives you a small picture of the object at bottom left of the screen. 

4. Translator
It is the best feature for those for love travelling or do so. Well translator is not a new feature in the market and Google Translator is one of the popular in this market. The translator of Honor view 10 is also effective. It can translate many languages as other translators can do. It can also translate texts also. You just have to take the picture of the text you want to translate and have to select in which language you want to translate and that's it you will get your correct answer.

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