Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to get Netflix for free with Flikover

Netflix is one of the biggest platform of movies and TV series. Netflix was first started in U.S. and then it expands very quickly across world wide. Even Netflix is a paid platform to watch best TV series and movies but still it is ahead of many TV Cable users. You can stream anything on Netflix from Television shows including Best Netflix TV Series. Netflix offers you original shows and you never run out of TV series on Netflix.

Netflix is a commercial free platform but you have to renew your subscription every month and it will cost you too much. Netflix India subscription plan is as:

  • Basic      :  Rs 500/- per month (approx)
  • Standard :  Rs 600/- per month (approx)
  • Premium :  Rs 800/- per month (approx)
It is not very expensive but you can get Netflix free subscription for one month. There are some methods through which you can watch Netflix for free.

1. Watch Netflix for free for a month

You can enjoy best TV series on Netflix for a month without paying anything. Netflix provides you a free month trial through which you can watch best Netflix series for a month. The only thing you have to do is to sign up at Netflix original website and enter a payment method like credit card or debit card in order to get your free trial. Before completion of the month of your free trial just cancel your membership so that you will not be charged by any amount. But remember if you do not cancel your membership before a month then you will be charged for the next month automatically.

Now, you must be thinking how to get Netflix for free without a credit card. But there is not any chance for this as Netflix says that only one person per household can get one Netflix free trial per month.

2. Netflix Coupon Code

To get discount on Netflix, there are many websites which provides coupons to get discount on Netflix. So, it is a smart way to extend your Netflix free month trial.

3. Netflix at cheaper price

To get Netflix at very cheaper price without any hurdles, there is also a method through which you can get almost Netflix free account. You have to pay only Rs. 100/- per month and you can watch best Netflix TV series for a month. So, there is a trustworthy website which provides you many tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Netflix at very surprisingly price. You just have to visit Flikover which provides you Group Buy services.

These are some of the best methods to get Netflix free. Now you can enjoy your best Netflix TV series at a low price.

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